Conditions of delivery and sale

Presents conditions refers to long distance products and services purchase through our website, owned by Elite Boutique, Corso XXIX Aprile, 49 - 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy, ph. +39 0423 493237 - P.IVA  00125200261


  1. Agreement between ELIITE BOUTIQUE and Customer is terminated with the order acceptance, even partial, by ELITE BOUTIQUE. This acceptance is tacit if not otherwise communicated to the Customer. With the Order acceptance, as explained above, Customers declares acceptance of all information given during purchasing process and full acceptance of general and payments described below.
  2. The Customer, if already a consumer (physical person who buys for personal use, not commercial), will print or save, keep electronic copy of present general conditions when the order is completed, according to art. 3 and 4 3 e 4 del Dlgs 185/1999 (long distance sales).
  3.  The customer is not entitled to damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/ or property caused by non-acceptance or non-fulfilment, partial or otherwise, of an order goods purchased


  1. Customer can order products available on electronic catalogue WWW.ELITEBOUTIQUE.IT at the moment of the order placement, as described the information document. Product images relative to information document may differ for colour, size, accessories represented in the picture.
  2. WWW.ELITEBOUTIQUE.IT confirms order reception through an immediate email, sent to the address communicated by the Customer. This represents an automatic generated response and cannot be considered as order acceptance. It will include execution Date and Time (“Order Date”) and a “Basket”, to use to communicate to ‘WWW.ELITEBOUTIQUE.IT’. The message will include all data provided by the Customer who is committed to verify and notify any correction, as described in this document.


  1. Bank Wire: WWW.ELITEBOUTIQUE.IT will send payment instructions to the Customer by email when the order is sent. Items ordered will be kept on hold until reception of proof of payment at no later than 2 (two) working days form the date of reception of payment instructions. Items ordered will be sent after ELITE BOUTIQUE has received the amount due non later than 7 (seven) working days from the order sent date. Beyond this deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled. Customer must include further details to foster order delivery:
    - Order nr.
    - Order date
    - Name and surname of the order owner

    Bank coordinates to make payments:

    IBAN IT17 U030 6961 5651 0000 0000 991
    Banca Intesa San Paolo
    c/c Elite Boutique
    Reference: ELITE BOUTIQUE purchase + order nr.

    Send copy of bank wire to within 48 hours from the order date, otherwise order will be cancelled.

    Order will be sent only once ELITE BOUTIQUE has seen bank transaction and not at the moment it receives wire bank copy.

  2. Credit Card: at the end of payment transaction, bank will authorize allocation of the order only. In case of order cancel, by both parties, ELITE BOUTIQUE will require cancellation of the transaction and customer refund. Processing time may vary depending on the Credit Card Company and bank. Once order is cancelled, ELITE BOUTIQUE declines any responsibility, direct or indirect, that may be caused by refund delay from Credit Card Company and banks. ELITE BOUTIQUE reserves the right to ask the Customer further information (for example phone number) or sending proof of credit card ownership. In absence of the required information, ELITE BOUTIQUE reserves the right to deny order. ELITE BOUTIQUE cannot acquire and know information of Customer’s credit through protected and safe connection to the ban to bank website which manage the payment procedure. ELITE BOUTIQUE will not store any kind of such information in its computer archive. In no event ELITE BOUTIQUE l may therefore be liable for any fraudulent use of credit cards and unfair third party, during payment transaction on “WWW:ELITEBOUTIQUE.IT”.
  3. PayPal: accepts payments from PayPal Accounts and reserves the right to process orders only if shipped to the same address that the verified PayPal account is registered with.


In case of failure of the order execution by the ELITE BOUTIQUE, due to the temporary product unavailability, our staff will inform the Customer of the order cancellation within 30 days from order cancellation with an email and will totally refund him as soon as we receive bank coordinates. Customer has not the right to full cancel the order for Product unavailability.


  1. Orders are subject to fees according to the courier used by ELITE BOUTIQUE
  2. WWW.ELITEBOUTIQUE.IT delivers in Italy and internationally. Fees amount will be calculated according to the country registered
  3. ELITE BOUTIQUE declines any responsibility for delay in the order execution and delivery.
  4. But explicit indication from part of our Service Customers, the delivery agrees to flat road. Once order is given to the courier, Customer must monitor:
    Nr. Of boxes matches those in shipment documents, anticipated by email.
    The packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, also on closure (tap or plastic strapping).
    Otherwise, the Customer must be disputed immediately with the courier and labelled “ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE” in the receipt. Customer cannot dispute the order once he has signed the delivery document. Eventual damages or the lacked correspondence of the number of the necks must be communicated within 7 days from the delivery, as explain in this document.
  5. Order will be cancelled if the package is not delivered to the address indicated due to lack of cooperation with the Customer.


Partners: Poste Italiane

Important: deliveries may be delayed during Christmas time, End of the year and Easter. Also, delivery dates will be communicated by emails during these periods.


Orders are executed within the 24 hours following the order acceptance, sent by email by the Customer.


Customer will communicate details as per art. 22 D.P.R. 633 IVA, indicating VAT nr. or Tax Code. Please provide telephone number for communicating regarding the order.


Prices are VAT-inclusive only. Delivery and payment expenses may vary with no notice. Price of products sold is fixed and do no change. Products information web may change due to technological improvements suggested by the Supplier.


If the Customer is a Consumer, under the law Dlgs 206/05 (purchases for personal use only), has the right to withdraw from the remote purchase agreement for any reason and with no penalty notwithstanding what follows:

  • Customer can withdraw from the entire order, not partially
  • Good purchased must be intact and returned with the original packaging (including packaging, documentation and accessories; we recommend packing all in another box to avoid damages to the original packaging; avoid sticking other labels or taps on the original packaging);
  • As per Italian law, by law, the shipping costs for returning the goods are charged to the customer;
  • Return delivery is borne by the customer until notice of reception at our store;
  • In case of damage of the item during transportation, ELITE BOUTIQUE will inform the customer of it to allow him to press charges against the courier chosen and get refund of the value of the item (if insured); in this case, the item will be at customer disposal for return, cancelling the withdrawal request;
  • ELITE BOUTIQUE declines any responsibility for damage or theft/loss for items returned without insurance;
  • Once the item arrives at ELITE BOUTIQUE, it will be examined to evaluate potential damage or tampering not arising from transport. In case of original boxes/packaging damaged, ELITE BOUTIWUE will hold a percentage, no more than 20%, form the value of the refund as per repair cost.

Here the methods to exercise the withdrawal right: the customer has to send a specific communication within 10 working days from the day the product is received via registered letter to ELITE BOUTIQUE, Corso XXIX Aprile, 40 – 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy. Otherwise via fax or email at within 48 hours. Without prejudice to repair cost for damage to packaging certified by ELITE BOUTIQUE to the original packaging, we will proceed with the total refund within 30 days form the arrival date of the item credited on Credit Card or through bank wire (with coordinates provided by the customer). The right of withdrawal is forfeited if the item is not intact (packaging and item), for the following reasons:
- lack of original external packaging and/or original internal;
- lack of items included in the packaging (accessories, labels, parts…);
- damage of the product for reasons other than transport.
ELITE BOUTIQUE will return the product in case of right of withdrawal is forfeited debiting delivery fees.


Personal info required during order dispatching are recorded and treated to satisfy customer’s needs and will be not communicated to third parties. ELITE BOUTIQUE guarantees compliance with the rules on the processing of personal data, DL 196 del 30.06.03. Data controller is ELITE BOUTIQUE, Corso XXIX Aprile, 40 – 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV) 


Any complaint must be addressed to ELITE BOUTIQUE con sede legale in Corso XXIX Aprile, 49 - 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV) - tel. +39 0423 493237 - P.IVA   00125200261


Agreement between customer and ELITE BOUTIQUE is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law. For civil and penal controversies arising from the present distance selling agreement, if the Customer is private, the territorial competence is the one of you residential town; in all other cases competence is of Foro of Treviso (Italy)